Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Character & Integrity - two very needed qualities in our politicians and in humankind, itself.

How one reaches such is totally irrelevant, in as much as that path does not cause injury to another.

This notion that only one path leads to character & integrity is insidious and such statements are made for only one reason: personal agenda.

Making claims of ownership of this nation by defining it as anything other than FREEDOM, is antithetical to freedom itself. Such claims seek to infringe on the free conscious mind of another human being.

If you're willing to infringe on the free mind of another, what won't you be willing to do in the name of your personal agenda?

If liberals "catch on" to this understanding, Republicans have few, if any, in leadership roles right now that would be able to speak to it.

Liberals would wield the weapon of charge: hypocrisy.

Republicans and we will have no place to turn in reference to freedom having already set the criteria by which to judge others; by which to impose on others; by which to infringe on others; by which to claim ownership sought for control.

We only seek ownership when we seek control.

"You would cut down all the laws of England to get at the devil wouldn't you?"


"And when you have, to what or whom would you turn for protection having cut down all the laws?"

I don't care how you get here to character & integrity, just here if you can.

Freedom or control - which side are you on.