Sunday, March 21, 2010


Where did liberals get such an idea of forcing social justice onto others?

From you.

Whether you want to own the reality, the fact is that over time and our history, those with a personal agenda to force their belief systems onto society have been complicit in liberals developing the idea that social justice is a “right”; that “might makes right”, that the "majority rules" - even if that majority takes away the inherent rights of any individiual.

Talk of charity, “belief” in being your brother’s keeper, giving a handout – have long been principles of those with varied belief systems in our society.

How many times during a tv, radio or written interview does a politician say, "I believe that..." followed by a bevy of social justice issues to impose on Americans.

Don’t be a whiner and start complaining that religion is getting beat up again – to the contrary.

This observation is to bring comprehension in understanding WHY, once again, religion is personal and doesn’t belong in government.

Nowhere in this post or any post before it, would you read that a freedom loving individual would infringe on your inherent right to believe as you do, worship as you do, enjoy your religion as you. Again - to the contrary.

Too easily people distort belief systems for their own personal agenda. If this were not true then why are there tens of thousands of various religions in our world? People subjectively don’t like your particular rule(s) and decide to start a religion of their own; a belief system of their own.

Like a free market, whatever the market will bear will bring about competition.

If an idea is “good” and “worthy” to do, then you don’t need government to force it upon others.

Imposing your personal religion onto society in the various forms of trying to inject religion into a pluralistic society, not only isn’t upholding personal freedom, it’s actually infringing on the freedom of the individual’s conscious mind. So you’ve decided it for yourself. Does this mean you’ve decided for everyone else, too?

Imposing personal social justice ideas onto society is exactly what liberals do - and you taught them how to do it; how to force it; how to treat you; how to infringe on the free inherent rights of yourself and other Americans.

And this is where liberals have hijacked your belief system – they found the weakness in your weaponry of force and now use it against you.

It was once said, if you cut down all the laws to get at the devil, what will you turn to when the devil turns around to meet you. You’ve made a target for your own back and now liberals use it against you.

Religion is personal. Belief systems are personal. Each must decide for self in freedom, not through ANY government intervention. Doing otherwise is not limited government; it is expanding government for your personal social justice, for your personal agenda…wow, just like liberals.

Freedom compels each to decide for self. Limiting choice is control through manipulation. Let each care for self and all will be cared for.

He that owns gets to bully – is that your position? Where’s your upholding of freedom in that idea?

Religion and belief systems have ideas of generosity, charity, giving, and support – however, they are not the only methods of coming to such understanding of one’s humanity toward others.

AND charity has never done anything in giving a man a job toward self-reliance and self-governance. Developing personal responsibility, has helped a man toward self-reliance since he no longer sees himself as a victim of life but the empowerment of his choices.

Charity simply defers the reality of the individual to his circumstance already forged by his previous choices in life. It may relieve it temporarily but it doesn’t help a man feed himself every day, it only helps him have a fish for this moment in time to enjoy. Are you getting your jollies of the backs of others pain & suffering? Are you feeling good about yourself off the backs of others pain and suffering?

Cause that’s what liberals do.

Cause that’s what health care is all about.

Stop using government and "belief" to force others.

Focus on what's freedom and what's control - then choose freedom!

All you desire in life comes from freedom, not control.

Or, keep doing what you're doing and keep getting what you're getting.

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The Right Guy said...

No, they learned it from Stalin, from Mao, from political leaders in Europe and right next door in Canada. What we are responsible for is letting it become reality. Social justice is too narrow too. You can include the socons, and any other group that wants to use the government to further their ideology and agenda. The government, in our case, was not meant to do that. In fact, we were founded on the opposite principle, but when politicians got our money, and figured they could bribe us with it, it went downhill from there. FDR was the first to really understand how to manipulate these constituencies for his own power. Follow the money. Remember this too: Emotions and persistence will always beat rationality. Always. Look for the straw men.